Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Annual Onc Visit

I was up to see the Oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary on Monday.... my annual visit.  We discussed a few minor problems that have come up over the past couple of months… and where I’m headed with my current treatment.  He is quite happy with my PSA’s of late - still at 0.2 ng/ml - which for where I was two years ago, is excellent.  We have decided to stop all treatment for a while to see how long my body can hold off the growth of the cancer on it’s own.  Once the cancer starts growing again (PSA’s climb above a set level), then I’ll go back on the treatment (Eligard - Lupron Depot injection once every 3-6 months to stop production of testosterone)until the PSA’s come down again.  The good thing is I will get some relief from the side effects of the treatment .... the bad is that we open the door for the cancer to start growing and spreading again.  There has been some success in extending the effectiveness of the treatment by going on this ‘intermittent’ schedule....

I’m excited and scared ****less at the same time.

Prior to seeing the Oncologist, Cindy and I managed to get through the lineup at the passport office, and make it for a quick lunch with Tim and girlfriend… you guys are still speaking to each other aren’t you??  LOL  We had lots of laughs to help lighten the mood prior to visiting the doc.  It’s always fun to chat with Tim...lots of memories come back and we have lots of laughs…

Until next time....

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big News From University of Alberta…..

Wow...this is big news....and offers huge hope for cancer patients everywhere…

Check out this article in Express News from the U of A....  A group of researchers has found an already existing medication that MAY offer hope for cancer patients.... 

The big hurdle now will be to find funding for clinical trials.  Anyone got a few million they don’t need??

Until next time....

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Working on this years ‘Events’

January has flown by, and I haven’t gotten much done in regards to organizing any kind of awareness or fundraising event....  I have a couple of ideas, but lack the time and knowledge about setting up a more local event....

The two ideas I am going to focus on are:

1. A local fundraising Run?/Walk?/Ride with anyone interested joining in and helping with raising some money for a local cancer charity.
2. An Edmonton to Lethbridge bike ride - done over 4 or 5 days - more of an awareness ride, but if we can collect some donations that would be great too.

Of course, I am now trying to collect donations for the Lance Armstrong Foundation as well.  I am hoping to collect enough to go down to Austin, TX for the LiveStrong Challenge/Ride for the Roses event scheduled for October of this year....  I am really hoping to be able to make it this year!  If you would like to help me out, and help out cancer survivors around the world, please go to my LAF site and make a donation..... You can make a donation in “Honor of” or in “Memory of” a friend or loved one.  Click on this LINK to make a donation.

Now I just have to round up my organizational friends....

Until next time....

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Wait is Over….

Today I went and got the results of my latest PSA test.... The good news is that it is the same as it was 4 months ago.... 0.2 ng/mL

Although I would love to have seen a lower level than last time, I’m thrilled with it being at 0.2....  It was at 0.7 for 9 months… then dropped to 0.4.... now it’s 0.2....  after two years, I certainly can’t complain.... Instead, I’ll celebrate!!  Why not?… I have a lot to be happy about!  I have loving, supportive family and friends.... I still get up in the morning.... I can still smile throughout the day.... LIFE is GREAT!  Now if this snow would go away I could get out on my bike again.....

Until next time....

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Waiting and Worrying

Here we go again.... 

I had my PSA test last Friday.... now I have to wait until next Wednesday for the results.... Not a big deal, but it’s amazing how it slowly eats away at me.  I get more and more nervous. Wondering if everything is still okay....not knowing....  I purposely put the test off until after Christmas to avoid these feelings during the holiday....  NOW I get to worry.... probably for nothing.... but what if it’s not for nothing....  Man, I just have to stop that!! 

I feel good, other than the aches and pains in my feet and ankles.... My energy levels are good....  I still get a number of really good walks in every week.... Time to smile and get on with my life.... can’t waste it by worrying about “What If’s”!!

If you have time, please check out my LiveSTRONG Live Music Video.... It’s only a couple of minutes long....  The biggest problem I had with it was picking out photos.... I used the maximum allowed.... which is not nearly enough to share the whole ride.... But I think it still gives a good idea about how things went.  Enjoy!

Until next time....

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