Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It’s been a very busy past week and weekend....so I’ve been a little slow at updating everyone on my last post....

The urologist thinks the blood in my urine is from the radiation treatments received in 2005.... there was no sign of infection although there was blood cells in my urine (DUH!).  All the other blood tests came back with normal level results....  So, I guess things are ok....  now it’s just a matter of waiting to see how often this happens, or if it will even happen again.  Only time will tell.

I was at my family doc on Friday for my annual physical.... off to the lab again tomorrow for more blood tests...the usual, cholesterol etc… And it seems I may now have a heart murmur, so I’m waiting to hear when I get to go for an echocardiogram to see what is up there. I feel good.... maybe I should stop going to the docs and just feel good without worrying whether or not I am.... hmmm NAH, that would take all the interest out of life!  tongue wink

I can hardly wait for Thursday morning....  I’m pretty excited about my induction into the Winston Churchill High School Hall of Fame....

Next Monday, June 4th, I will be doing an interview with City TV.  The article in “The Chinook” magazine has drawn some interest from one of the reporters and she was able to convince then to let her do a story on prostate cancer awareness.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to keep spreading the word about early detection.

Until next time....

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Hard Way to Get Good News….

This past Sunday, May 20th, we decided to head out to Waterton Lakes National Park for a picnic and to just enjoy the day with some good friends.... 

The day started out like most weekend mornings.  A nice breakfast and then we got ready for the day.  We packed our cooler and headed out. The drive was very nice.... everything is nice and green right now. Upon our arrival in Waterton, things took a turn for the worse.... I had to make a washroom run....and much to my dismay, my world came crashing down around me.  My urine was extremely bloody....far worse than it was three years ago when it first occurred and led to a diagnosis of prostate cancer.  I was in shock as I returned to the car and tried to remain calm and in good spirits so as not to ruin everyones day....

We caught up to our friends.  After driving around looking for an empty spot - the park was very busy on this beautiful day of the long weekend - we finally pulled in to a nice little area and started getting our picnic set up.  By this time, Cindy had noticed that something was wrong.  She asked and I told her what had happened. We decided to keep to our plans and enjoy the day.  It went okay, but always had the underlying “WHAT’S GOING ON???” to prevent us from really having a good time.  We cut the day a bit shorter than we had originally planned and headed home....or rather, to the Regional Hospital.

Luckily, the Emerg staff knew me and took me right in....  By this time my urine was clear again - although tests showed blood.  After seeing the doctor and getting a prescription for antibiotics, blood was drawn for more tests.... I never heard back from the hospital, so everything must have been ok.... 

Now for the ‘Good News’.... while giving my history to the doctor, my PSA test from Friday came up.... He asked if I would like the results.  Of course I said YES!!  He went out to the computer and came back a few minutes later.... he said things looked good… not much change.  I was thinking that the PSA had gone up just a little.... when he showed me the print out I was amazed.  My PSA’s went from 0.2 to 0.1.... that’s DOWN… Can’t be??? They were supposed to go up....  But down is far better!!  It’s pretty exciting for the me and the family.... some good news to go along with our scare.

Now I have to wait until Wednesday to talk to my urologist about what’s happening.... probably more tests.... but I’ll happily keep going for tests when my PSA’s are still dropping.... More waiting...more worrying.... hopefully about nothing!

Until next time....

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anniversary #1

Well, it’s May 15th 2007.... one year ago today I headed out on my cross Canada bike ride - Cycle For Life.  It’s hard to believe that a whole year has gone by.

Today has been quite the day for me.  It’s the first anniversary of the ride.... Tim called at approximately the same time as we started the journey to wish me a “Happy Anniversary”....and he called from the Mile 0 marker in Victoria.  I wish I could have been there too. Shortly after Tim called, I got a call from my old High School.  I had been nominated for the Winston Churchill HS Hall of Fame and I made it...they called to tell me about it.... WAY COOL!!  Then to top off the day, I received some copies of “the Chinook” magazine with an article about me, my ride, and the reasons for it. 

To celebrate the anniversary, I went out for a bike ride.... only 20km, but a bike ride non-the-less.  I’m sure glad I did the cross Canada ride last year.... it would have been incredibly tough to do this year.  I haven’t done nearly the riding this year that I had done by this time last year....

Although not many people remember this date as an “Anniversary” of mine, Tim and I do.... it brings back fantastic memories (which Cindy and I had a great time talking about at lunch today - after I reminded her of what the date was) I imagine the next 70 days will bring back a lot of memories.... Time to go through the pictures again.... it’s been a couple of weeks since the last time...hehehehe

Until next time....

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