Saturday, October 13, 2007

Latest Test Results….

I went to see the doc last Wednesday to get the results of my latest PSA and Testosterone tests.... My T is up to 5.1 (from 1.7 last time - 8 being the LOW end of normal) and my PSA only went up to 0.4 (from 0.2 last time)....  So things are looking pretty good right now.  I’ve been off of treatment for just over 6 months.... With my T levels coming up, my energy levels are a little better.... and my recovery times are much better.... I’m actually feeling a little more “Normal” although I am still having “Hot Flashes” from time to time.... They are, for the most part, getting farther apart and not lasting as long - although there are times that they will come in bunches. It’s an interesting time as my body adjusts and re-adjusts to the changes....

I am hoping to start regular weight workouts again soon....  I’ve taken far too long off as I buried my weights under piles of boxes as we got some painting done in the house.  I’ve finally found everything again and am really looking forward to training again.  I get out for a walk almost every day - weather permitting - but it’s just not enough.  I’ve increase the intensity and length of my walks recently, and although I am extremely tired by the end, it feels good and I recover within 15 or 20 minutes.... hopefully with the harder walks and some weight training along with the increased T, I can get some strength back… I’m not expecting to get anywhere near where I was at a few years ago, but any improvement would be a step in the right direction.

Until next time....

Posted by John on 10/13 at 09:43 AM
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