Friday, January 08, 2010

2009 Comes to an End… On with 2010

2009 went by fairly quickly and I did not update the blog very often... There were a lot of things that I did not write about last year... I'll try to catch you up on a couple of events that took place...

Early in 2009 I talked about my WCB claim efforts... In August I wrote about how my claim was once again denied...but that another appeal would be made... December 2009 we got the wheels in motion once again... the appeal has not been filed, but I have once again asked for help from the Appeals Advisors Office. I had a brief meeting with my Advisor and we have developed a plan for the new year. I'll try to update as I get info.

I wrote a few times about my PSA levels... as they fell from 14.9 in December of 2008 to 1.1 in March 2009 to 0.4 in September... I had them done again in November, but have not seen the doc in some time, so don't know where they are at now.

In June I did the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life... what I didn't tell you is that I managed to stay up for and walk 45 minutes of every hour for 12 hours... I was exhausted, but had to prove to myself that I could do it... I managed to raise over $700 (which wasn't bad for the 3 days of fundraising I got in).

I wrote about my riding in 2009... much farther than 2008, but still not enough... Hopefully I will be able to do more this year.

One of the things I haven't written about is that in September of 2009 I attended the Lethbridge Fire Fighter's Annual Retiree's BBQ... Although not officially retired, I will not be returning to work as a FF, so I was presented with a couple of plaques along with a number of other Fire Fighter's who had recently retired... Then in November I was given a 'retirement party' with a number of the members that I worked with over the years coming out... I was given a framed collage of photos representing my career with the department that was signed by everyone in attendance... It looks great and I am very thankful for it and the comments I received at the party. Lot's of tears shed that night.

2009 was a hectic, tiring and heartwarming year. I've been feeling pretty good, but my energy levels have been really low... especially these last 3 or 4 months... I am so thankful to my wife, kids, family and extended Fire Family for their support throughout this past year...

So here we are... 2010... Maybe this is the year... good or bad, we will move on and deal with things as they come... My plans are to make the best of whatever happens... I want to ride more...exercise more...see my friends and family more and just enjoy every day!! I have my fight with the WCB to work on...and my continued battle with prostate cancer... but more importantly, I have a LIFE to LIVE! Love and Laughter are HIGH on my priority list...

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Until next time....

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