Monday, February 01, 2010

I Shared My ‘Voice’…

There is a great web site that shares the ‘Voices’ of those directly affected by cancer… The Voices of Survivors Foundation

This is cut from the “Mission” statement on the web site:

The “Voices of Survivors Foundation” is devoted to exploring ‘Survivorship’ and what that means to the individual ‘Survivor’, whether they are recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment or post-treatment, in a variety of documentary formats. We work independently as well as with other individuals and organizations collaboratively, on a variety of projects to further this exploration.

The face of cancer is one that the has been portrayed as that of only older people and children for so long but that face is not reflective of whom cancer truly affects. Cancer affects us all and each person who deals with this has their own definition of what being a ‘Survivor’ means.

I requested to share my ‘Voice’ and was quickly accepted… Lynn Lane, the Executive Director, founder and all round great guy is also a prostate cancer survivor… We had never met prior to the taping of our ‘Conversation’, but shared a love of cycling and both belong to the group Cyclists Combating Cancer.  We chatted briefly prior to the Taping of my ‘Conversation’, doing our hello’s and Lynn giving me the rundown of how things were going to go.... then on we went… After the taping ended, we continued our chat (only after being accidentally disconnected by Lynn when he was turning off the taping equipment… we got connected again quickly and had a good laugh about the ‘quick ending’… ) We then had a private conversation with some personal information about ourselves and our ‘stories’ being shared… It was great to finally meet Lynn and have that connection… another good friend has been made.

If you have some time, check out the “Voices of Survivors” web site… look for the ‘Conversations’ listed under “the voices” then “videos” menus.  Check out ALL of the site… share it family and friends who are affected by cancer…

Until next time....

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