Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Forgive My Absence…

WOW… It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted… It seems that I just never get around to posting any more… I’ll try to catch up today.

Not much new going on since my last post… The effects of my last injection of Eligard should start to wear off in the next little while… The side effects of it will hopefully start to diminish in the next couple of months...sooner would be better, but that is not how it went last time, so I have no great expectations.  I will have my PSA levels checked in September, and a visit with the doc in late September to see how things are going and to set up a schedule for testing and visits.

I had a bone density scan, and had my vitamin D levels checked earlier this year… The bone scan showed no major changes since the last one a year and a half ago...that’s good news… My vit D levels are in the high normal range… My supplements must be at the right levels even though a doc or two thought I was over doing it… I will keep up the regimen I am following now…

I mentioned that I had done a “cancer research” questionnaire a while back.  Like I said then, there were some great questions… made me think a lot about how others react to the news about someone having cancer.  It has been my experience that it definitely changes how some people react around me… At first, it was just a shock...a lot of people didn’t seem to know what to say...either that, or they just didn’t want to say anything, because a lot of people seemed to avoid me… Don’t get me wrong...a LOT of people changed in the opposite way...people I didn’t have a lot to do with prior to my diagnosis became great friends and people who still keep in touch… But a lot of people I called friends before, have moved on and although I tried for a long time to stay in touch with them, I don’t hear from them any longer...unless I run into them.  Of course some of that is my fault...I don’t make the effort any longer either....part of that is because as time moved on, the things we used to share are now gone.  A number of my current friends are people I met or became more involved with after diagnosis.  At first it was hard to deal with… but friendships change over time...even when you are around people all the time.  Great friendships don’t go away...they change from time to time, but you always know your good friends are around and there for you… other friendships come and and life in general seem to have a lot to do with that. 

For now, life goes on… I’ll wait for my next new “normal” to arrive… I’ll enjoy my friends and family… and hopefully get a chance to enjoy some summer weather...if it ever shows up… LOL

Until next time…

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