Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Latest Happenings…

Well, here we are into November already… A few thing have happened since my last update…

We’ll start with the latest test results… which are over a month old now… just too busy/tired to update....  Anyway, I was tested on October 3rd… and found out on October 21st that my PSA levels have dropped slightly.  They were at 14.6 in March… then down to 11.4… now down to 6.9… It seems the addition of Bicalutamide to my regular treatment of Eligard is still helping!  Great news!  Unfortunately, at the same time I heard the good news about my PSA levels, I heard the bad news that my oncologist is leaving his position at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre to take a position elsewhere.  He has assured me that one of the other 3 oncologists that he works with will be taking over my care.  I have an appointment with the new doc in January of 2012, at which time I will get the results of my next PSA test. 

Also in October, Cindy and I took a long over due vacation… It was fantastic… 11 days on Maui… While we only did a few excursions, we really enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.  The great part is that we came back relaxed and renewed rather than exhausted! 

So far this month, not a lot is happening… The colder weather is not helping my energy levels… I continue to try to get out every day for a walk, although some days it is pretty tough. Also I am trying to get in one or two workouts a week… one seems to be ok… two drains me… but I try to get the second (lighter) one in anyway. Hopefully, once I become more used to the weather, my energy levels will fluctuate less.

Time to prepare for Christmas too… already have some shopping done… I’m looking forward to the holiday season...I always do… Just a BIG kid at heart!!

Until next time…

Posted by John on 11/16 at 09:40 AM
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