Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year…2012

A little late...but better that than not at all...LOL

The New Year has been good to us so far....  Cindy and I met with my new oncologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre… We both really liked him and his thoughts on where we are headed and plans for the future… Have to like a doc who is willing to plan for a future!!

I had a PSA test done on December 23rd… got the results when we met the oncologist… a little mix up at first (expected when your care is transferred from one doctor to another and then on to a third even without seeing the second...Not sure what happened to the second one!) but the results are good… My PSA levels actually fell slightly… so the Bicalutamide is still working… Great news to get going into the New Year… We discussed what the future probably holds and talked about new medications (not yet available here) and current Clinical Trials… so far I still qualify for a couple of trials...but hopefully we won’t have to worry about those for a little while yet… I will now be getting PSA tests every 2 months...previously it’s been every 3-4 months… The doctor is also willing to do as much as possible without me having to travel to Calgary and back… so testing will be done here, and we will connect through phone calls...if/when my PSA levels warrant further treatment then I will travel to Calgary to meet the doc and discuss the current options.

Hopefully the New Year brings great things to everyone! 

Happiness and Good Health!

Until next time....

Posted by John on 01/16 at 11:47 AM
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