Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I received an email about a month ago from someone I met during my cross Canada bike ride back in 2006… It was great to hear from April, and even better to hear the news she sent. 

April gave me permission to post it here:


Hi John, its a little out of the blue for me to email you, but I have
to tell you what an impact you have had on the lives of the loved-ones
in my family. Back in I believe it was 2006 when you cycled through a
little town called Claresholm, AB, I was the new-to-the-job reporter
for the Claresholm Local Press. In an interview conducted at the
Claresholm Fire Hall, you told me your story, and well it stuck with
me. The next year I was married, my husband was then in his early 30’s
and I remember recalling the information you had shared with me to
him. Later that year we had sat around his uncle’s living room and
once again this topic seemed to come to the table. And my husband
encouraged his uncle (who was in his early 40’s) to get things checked
out. He did, and turned out he had a type of prostate cancer. He
battled it like a champion and after almost two years and multiple
surgeries, Uncle D is cancer free.
I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story, thank you for the
inspiration, and we are grateful for the awareness you helped to create.



It is always good to hear from those I met on my is even better when I hear news that my efforts during the ride made a difference in someones life!  Thanks April!  I am so happy for uncle D and the entire family…

Until next time....

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