Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 2012… What’s Been Going On…

It’s about time I updated the blog again… It seems that my good intentions fail, and I don’t get around to writing...this time it’s been because I was busy, then away on vacation and most recently, my computer hard drive packed it in.

Back in February, my PSA levels were slowly dropping, and had gone down to 3.6… We were very happy with the results and were also in the process of planning a vacation.  The vacation was slated to start on April 23, and I was due for my next PSA check at the same time.... So I went in a little earlier to have it done… We got the results back a few days before leaving on vacation.... 

It seems my PSA levels are now climbing...only slightly right now, but moving in the wrong direction… up to 4.0 now. My oncologist called me with the results, but said not to worry as it was only a small increase… I am to check them again in June… He said to take it easy and enjoy our vacation.

So that’s what we did… Cindy and I went to Maui… While we were there, our kids (adults) came to spend some time with us.  It was FANTASTIC!  We did a little snorkelling… zip lining… exploring… Cindy and I had a great time...we hope our kids did too… We hope some great memories were made!  I know I have some.

We are back now… The vacation over and back to My next eligard injection is in a few weeks… I continue on the bicalutamide… and I wait to do my next PSA test… if my PSA levels are up significantly, then I am guessing it will mean a trip to Calgary to see the oncologist...find out what is happening in the world of clinical trials, and apply to enter one… But until we get the next results, it’s no use speculating on what might happen… instead, I plan on enjoying every day!  There is too much life to enjoy!

Until next time…

Posted by John on 05/27 at 09:02 AM
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