Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Busy Few Months

I had my first round of chemotherapy on November 13th.  I had a PICC line inserted on the 12th, so chemo was quick and went well.  Having a PICC line makes it so much easier for us all. It saves a lot of time as an IV doesn’t have to be started...and when you have hard to find veins, that can result in multiple pokes before finding one. It also saves the warming time etc… So thanks to the ladies in the Jack Ady cancer Centre for educating me and getting it all organized for me!

Unfortunately I caught a cold the same day as my chemo treatment… I think it made me feel worse than the chemo did… I became so congested and coughing (of course only at night when I would lay down and try to sleep), that I ended up spending a few nights sleeping upright in a recliner so Cindy could get some sleep. Thankfully we managed to get over the cold before round 2…

Of course, every week I have to go in and have my PICC dressing changed. So that is one negative… The other big negative of a PICC line is it really limits your activity.  I cannot use my right arm for lifting or any repetitive activities… Being right handed and having the PICC in my right arm has been a learning experience...but I am getting it figured out… Right down to left arm only snow shovelling… Thankfully I have some great friends and neighbours who have been clearing our walks and driveway of the heavy stuff and the lighter stuff I don’t manage to get to.

I just had my second round of chemo on Friday, Dec 6… It went well and I’ve been feeling pretty good so far. Hoping and praying it’s easier from here on out!!  Feeling a bit nauseated from time to time… And tired, but still ok. 

I noticed, on December 9th, that what little hair I have is falling out...not unexpected, but sooner than expected...last year I didn’t loose my facial hair so much...where as this time it is the first to go...bonus! Less shaving!!  Gotta look for the good in everything.

My next chemo treatment is scheduled for January 3… We were allowed to take an extra week between treatments so that we could have a good Christmas with the family. Both our boys and their significant others are coming home right after Christmas… Really looking forward to it…

Here is where the problems begin…

On December 18th I had a sudden onset of lower left back pain and left pelvic and leg pain… I had just headed out for a short walk with the dog and BAM… Man did it hurt… I tried to continue...and managed about a block before having to turn around and go home… I stretched out and the pain subsided… I took it easy and didn’t move much for the rest of the night… I had a lot of discomfort through the night and ended up calling for an ambulance to take me to the ER.  I just couldn’t take the pain and standing made it worse!

Once in the ER they got me on some pain meds and had X-rays done… Of course the moving and posing for the X-rays increased the pain. More meds and some anti-nausea meds and I was finally comfortable. 

The radiologists report stated he couldn’t see any new fractures, although the ER doc thought he saw after consulting with the oncologist and my family doctor, a CT Scan was ordered. Then I was admitted to the 4th floor.

The pain has been under control since being admitted… After 2 full days of bed rest, I was finally able to get up and move… It does cause pain, but that settles quickly. Thank God!!  I’ve had lots of company, which has been great...even got a surprise visit from our youngest son and his girlfriend ... They made the 5 hour drive down just to say hi ...they had to be home the next evening for work… What a wonderful surprise it was… They will be back after Christmas too.... So one good long visit and a short one just before they headed back… NICE!

Well, here we are… December 22nd… Only a few more sleeps until Christmas… I had another visitor this morning… This time the on call doc covering for my family doc over the weekend.  He delivered the news… A new fracture site...this time more around the ball joint...caused by the cancer of course… So now I understand the location and intensity of the pain better… I really have to do some investigation on available treatments now… I have to be prepared for my radiation oncology appointment tomorrow morning… Options are available ... I just need to refresh myself with all of them...then discuss them with Cindy… Then discuss them with the doctors… And Pray for guidance in picking the right course of action for me… It’s worked well in the past...I know it will work now!!

I am hoping to be released before Christmas...but with this new event, I may only get a day pass… In any case, we’ll make the best of it…

Wishing You ALL a Very Merry Christmas!

Until next time....

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