Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Chemo Continues….

I have completed 7 rounds of Chemo with Docetaxel and Prednisone… the next one is in a few weeks… it should be next week, but because of Easter, and the fact that our kids are coming home, I’ve opted to take an extra week off…so the next round will be 4 weeks after the last instead of 3…

A lot of things have happened since my last post… to begin with, Cindy and I became grandparents a few days before my chemo treatment… We have an amazing grandson… It is such a blessing… something that didn’t look like was going to happen 8 years ago when I did my bike ride.  We are so excited and have made a few trips to see the new member of our little family.

Since then I have had two rounds of chemo… Both have gone well, although the last round took a lot out of me for the first week… I think I’ve only been that tired a few times since my treatments began… but I’m sure it’s not the last time.  I was originally scheduled for 10 rounds of chemo… the last time I saw the oncologist, he suggested that since I am tolerating the chemo so well, maybe I should do a total of 11-13 rounds… so I guess only time will tell how many I get through… the nice thing is that if it gets too rough, I can stop…

One other thing that has happened since my last post… I had my PICC line removed…and a Power Port inserted… The PICC dressings were starting to really irritate my arm… It was getting hard to find a place to put the new dressings without aggravating sores that had developed.  The new port will stay with me for much longer… it allows for the current rounds of chemo plus any future chemo I may have to do.  It was quite the procedure… Not painful, but uncomfortable at times… It has been healing nicely and has been used twice already.  The worst part of it so far is that the healing process has caused some itching…and you’re not supposed to touch or rub the area for at least 6 weeks… Thankfully the itching is less today and should stop soon.

The last update for today… We went back up to Calgary a few weeks ago to see the orthopaedic specialist… He looked over everything again and said that in his opinion, I should just continue on as is.  He is afraid that if he tries to replace the damaged hip joint he may find that the pelvic bone is too far gone and won’t hold the new joint.  If that should happen, he would have to remove the hip joint altogether… leaving me without a left hip joint.  That would make getting around even harder than it currently is… At least now I have a hip joint that is functioning… better that than no hip joint!  It definitely wasn’t the news we were hoping for… but he is optimistic that the hip joint should be safe to use in limited amounts.  He also said that if the pain increases in the coming months, then he would certainly be open to trying to repair/replace the joint.

So… that is the major news for now…

Until next time….

Posted by John on 04/10 at 02:15 PM
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