Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Approaches… Treatment Continues…

It’s been just over 5 months since my last post… Things have been going well for the most part… I have settled into the current treatment.

It’s been about 6 months on the Enzalutatimde (Xtandi)… thankfully I finally got off the prednisone and the side effects of that..  now I just have to deal with the side effects of the Xtandi.  For me, the side effects include some very vivid weird dreams, needing more sleep and waking with sore stiff hands and feet.  I am also having much more intense “Hot Flashes”.

There isn’t much we can do about having dreams, although we are slowly figuring out things that cause the worst nightmares… I just have to avoid certain types of shows, thoughts and foods… I have noticed a big difference (good difference) over the past couple of months by keeping thoughts light and upbeat, eliminating late night eating and avoiding certain types of TV programs or movies.

The sore stiff hands and feet always get better quickly just by moving around… usually within just a few minutes they settle… I am very thankful for that.

The “Hot Flashes” are pretty intense at times and are pretty predictable… they come around eating times, right at bed time, and at least once though the night… The worst thing about the hot flashes is the cold that come right after… I can hardly wait for summer (although we have had a pretty mild late winter) so that I can get away from the freezing after every personal mini summer.

On the good side of all of this… My monthly blood work remains good.  All these chemicals that have been infused and ingested haven’t caused too much damage to the parts of me that are ok.  My PSA levels remain “steady”… they have been floating between 20.9 (first after starting Xtandi) and 29.9 (last level) During the past 5 months they have gone up and down by small amounts.  MRI’s, CT Scans and X-rays show no significant changes over the past year (which is a good thing…mostly) They also show no significant signs of healing of the pelvic fracture last year.

So, for the time being, things are good and we will continue with treatment as it is. 

Tomorrow I go in for hernia surgery… I’ve been waiting for years to get this done… At first, I had to put it off due to medications I was taking… Once that changed I started the process… I was promised it would be done and I would be healed by Christmas of last year… last week I got a phone call that some had cancelled their own surgery and I could have that time slot if I wanted it… if not now, it could be months before another opening came along… so tomorrow it its…

Life is good… Spring approaches…

Until next time…. 

Posted by John on 03/16 at 02:43 PM
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