Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Two Weeks Post Surgery…

It’s been two weeks since my hernia surgery… According to the surgeon, the surgery went very well… I healed up quicker than I expected… The staples came out easily and painlessly… The scar looked good.  When the doctor checked me over, he was very happy with the way things looked.  I only had a few days of real discomfort.  I am very happy that it is over with, and look forward to returning to regular activity.  Thankfully the only real limitation he gave me was to not lift anything over 10 pounds… which is pretty easy, other than when our grandson comes to visit over Easter!  But I just can’t lift him… doesn’t mean I can’t hold him and cuddle with him.

The second hardest part of having the surgery was that Cindy had to do even more for me than she already had been doing.  It was bad enough that she has had to begin showering me and helping me dress for the past year or more…. that has sucked… I also move around even slower, although that is improving finally.  For the first time in what seems a long time, I have even been able to help with doing dishes and have cooked a couple of light meals to give her a break… Cindy has been really forced into a roll that she never had to worry about before.  I used to do most of the cooking… I can’t stand long enough to do that all the time any more, so Cindy has stepped in as if she had always been doing it.  It feels good to make her a meal from time to time… other than ordering out..  and going out is even rarer as sitting comfortably for an hour or more to have a meal out is difficult.  So being able to give her a break from time to time will be nice I hope!

Easter is upon us… Our kids are coming home to spend time with us again… Christmas was the last time we all got together… It is going to be fun… I wish I could do more to help Cindy out… but we will all enjoy the coming 4 days together…

Until next time….

Posted by John on 04/01 at 01:10 PM
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