About Us

When I learned that I had prostate cancer I had a lot of thoughts running around in my head. I knew it would affect my life, but I didn’t know how far reaching it would be. We all are touched in some way by cancer. Whether it is ourselves, our family or our friends, this is an unfortunate fact. In addition to the physical trauma brought on by cancer there is extreme emotional trauma as well. We need support…. But where from? Although the doctors can tell you about what is happening, your decision on course of treatment is left up to you. They can give you some information, but most doctors don’t know the latest information. At this point, you must do a lot of your own research. Where can you go to get all the latest information?

The answer is that whether we need support or just information, we can get it from some of the large organizations that are available to us. The Canadian Cancer Society, Prostate Centers across the country and the Lance Armstrong Foundation are just a few. This support and information is usually free…. How is this made possible? Our donations are used to fund this and much more.

The Cycle for Life Ride is my effort to make a difference. This bicycle journey from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL will hopefully raise money to help these organizations. At the same time, I am hoping to make people aware of prostate cancer and what can be done to prevent others from being where I am.

Please check the rest of the web site for more information and to find out how you can contribute. Together we can change lives!