On December 13th, 2004 I had been a firefighter in Lethbridge, Alberta for just over 20 years. At that time, at the age of 46, I was told that I had prostate cancer. I listened to the Urologist tell me the facts and the possible treatments. More tests were scheduled to see if the cancer was contained or if it had spread. I went to see another urologist and a couple of oncologists. It didn’t matter who I saw, they all painted a pretty grave picture of where I was headed. Final diagnoses, adenocarcinoma T4 Gleason 8 (4+4) PSA – 105.5 with a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.

I have tried to live my life since my diagnoses as if this was just another illness that with time and effort I will overcome.

Treatment consisted of Hormone Deprivation Therapy and then 36 external beam radiation treatments in Calgary Alberta at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. The staff there was excellent and made my visits much easier to tolerate. Family and co-workers made my stay away from home more bearable than I imagined. I suffered a few side effects from the treatments, but for the most part, things have returned to normal, or as close to as possible. I continue on the HDT and will until at least December of 2006.

Throughout the months since diagnoses and treatment, the one thing on my mind most is the fact that men need to be educated on this disease. We must talk openly about it. I have been as open and honest as I can be with the firefighters I work with and anyone else who will listen. They have been open to the information I have passed to them.

I have been an avid cyclist for many years…. In fact, I have ridden a bike to work for many years, rather than driving no matter what the weather. I have ridden in a few team triathlons and a duathlon. I’ve ridden with my sons. It is something I truly enjoy and was unable to do for a few months because of the cancer.

Because I enjoy biking and want to make others aware of prostate cancer, I have decided to do a cross Canada bike ride. The plans are to start in Victoria, BC in May of 2006 and finish in St. John’s, NL hopefully by the end of July 2006. I plan on stopping along the way to visit firefighters and others to share my story and hopefully promote a little more awareness. I am also hoping to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society ,the Lance Armstrong Foundation and The Prostate Center. These organizations have been very helpful since my diagnoses. They offer advice, information and hope for no cost. Their source of funding is by donations. This will be my attempt to help so that the benefits of these organizations will be available to others.