June 17th, 2016… #PlaidForDad

Today, June 17th, is wear Plaid For Dad day… I am wearing plaid today… one of my sons and my grandson are also wearing Plaid… Even Cindy is wearing plaid.  The idea is to wear plaid to show support for dads in the fight against prostate cancer.  So if you read this on June 17th, and you have some article of clothing in plaid...PLEASE wear it in support of every man out there… if somebody asks why, say its to promote awareness of prostate cancer… in the hope that we can some day find a cure for this deadly disease!

At this point of my Cycle For Life ride I was at the half way point of the Trans Canada Highway… and about midway through the ride as well.  Over the past week or so, Cindy and I have been reading my journal, looking at pictures and going through the Cycle For Life Scrapbook that my daughter-in-law put together for me a few years ago.  We have shed many tears and had a lot of laughs as well.  The memories are still vivid in our minds… Seeing or reading something will get us talking and our memories kick in…we start sharing stories about things that happened during the ride.  A lot of great memories come flooding back.  I am so blessed to have been able to do something so incredible.

Today I am starting chemo with Mitoxantrone… We have been told both good and bad things about it… but the only way to know for sure is to try it and see what happens.  It is an older chemo drug.  It was used in the past for advanced prostate cancer, but has since been put on the sidelines as the new drugs like Cabazitaxel and Docetaxel have proven to be much better.  Having already done both of those, as well as every other known prostate cancer drug, we are falling back on the only treatment that I haven’t done.  Mitoxantrone has many possible side effects… an interesting one is the possibility of turning my urine and the whites of my eyes blue…due to its deep blue color.  Hopefully I will be lucky and I will suffer very few of the side effects.  I’ll let you know how it goes… from what I’ve read, it can take a week to 10 days for side effects to show up…

As I said in my previous post… Cindy and I hadn’t decided whether or not to do this final chemo… But after a lot of discussion with doctors and between our selves, and with a lot of prayers, we decided to go ahead.  We felt that if we didn’t try this, we would look back and say “what if”… we don’t want to do that… we want to do everything possible to slow this disease down… If for some reason I can’t tolerate this chemo, then of course I’ll stop treatment.  Until then, It’s full speed ahead…

On a side note… Cindy and I have been having a blast for the past few days, and for another 3 or 4… We rented a convertible to do some day trips in and just to cruise around with the top down… Cindy asked if there was anything I really wanted to do… since Hawaii is out, I thought why not do like we did when we were there… let’s rent a convertible!!  It has been a lot of fun…and we have been getting some funny looks and the odd jealous stare…LOL It has been a blast…and we are looking forward to the weekend with the sun shining!

Until next time….

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