Saturday, August 08, 2015

Enjoying Summer!

I’m sitting outside in the shade on a beautiful summer day… The sky is blue with only a few clouds… Life is Good!

A week, or 10 days ago now, we were back to see the oncologist.  My PSA levels continue a slow steady climb… They were at 55.4 last week.  Still nothing that the oncologist is overly concerned about… but it certainly is getting up there and is a concern to my wife...and because I worry about her, I worry about my PSA levels…

I try to calm her concerns because I REALLY am NOT concerned at this point. I feel really good! Yes, I have pain in my hips and back… Some is due to the cancer...some is due to arthritis...some is due to fractures… My mobility has been limited for over a year and a half now. Too much standing, too much sitting upright, sitting on hard surfaces and too much walking all cause increased pain and discomfort.  The biggest problem with this is it limits what I can do… which limits what we can do together.  Thankfully I have all kinds of aids to assist me… So we work around the difficulties and try to stay active together.

On the medical end… We are waiting to hear if I can use a drug called Radium 223 ( Xofigo ).  It’s been in use in some areas for a while...but is not currently being used here.  My oncologist asked if I could get funding for it in case I was approved to use it.  The WCB of Alberta came through after a short deliberation and said they would fund it… The oncologist explained that the drug is given via IV once a month for 6 months… The total cost will be around $150,000 for the full 6 month treatment plan.  He is currently looking into whether or not I can have the drug after all the other treatments I have done ( he is pretty sure I can )...and then how to get me on it.  It is currently in trial at a few cancer centres not too far away...but I don’t qualify for the trials, so he wants to try to get me on it outside of the trials since I can basically pay for it myself.

As I said previously, I am feeling good.  I am tolerating the drug I am on now quite well.  My blood work continues to show no ill effects from the current treatment.  I have been trying hard to do a light dumbbell workout 2 to 3 days a week to work on my upper body strength… I have also been trying hard to walk a little more.  The walking is going well...with just a little extra pain meds I have been able to go for short walks with Cindy and our dog… Short trips to the store go well.  Any major trips to shop or walk the dog require either the wheelchair or the electric scooter.

I am really enjoying this summer… Cindy has done a fantastic job keeping the yard looking great!  We have had some great weather which has allowed me (us) to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine...lounge in the shade...and even spend a few later nights outside just enjoying chats about our past and our present while looking up at the stars.  We have so much to be thankful for...and WE are very Thankful for it All! 

Until next time....

Posted by John on 08/08 at 04:50 PM
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